About Dental Prac Sales

Our Agents


Sales Associate

alex barritt

Alex Barritt, Sales Associate and Director, created Dental Prac Sales with Matt in order to fill a gap in the market, offering quality business brokering services to dental practitioners. He has business experience across Information Technology consulting, recruitment and the dental industry.

Alex has built a reputation as a trusted partner of his clients and acts solely for their benefit. In his own words, “Clients are our business and we take the time to foster a relationship with them in order to find out what their ultimate goals are, not ours.”


Sales Associate

matt taylor

Matthew, Director and co-founder of Dental Practice Sales, holds a degree in Economics and Finance, Dip. of Mortgage Broking, Dip. of Financial Planning, and is a Licensed Business Broker. Matthew has a complete understanding of the acquisition and valuation process of financial services firms and has assisted the acquisition and funding of over 100 financial services firms, ranging from small boutique firms to large listed companies. He provides a wealth of knowledge to any company looking to engage his assistance in areas of acquisitions, mergers, succession, business transition and exits.

What we do

DPS assists Dental business owners achieve the best result for a sale, merger or acquisition of their practice. We help a range of Dental business owners, from a one chair practice, right up to large practices with multiple owners.

We will assist you in determining the asking price for your firm and show you how best to position your business in the market. We will then use our experience, negotiation skills and market knowledge to commence a structured confidential approach, to ensure you achieve a great result.

So whether you are a sole practitioner or have a large practice, we can help.

Our brokers

DPS have selected the best licensed brokers who will take the time to understand what you are trying to achieve from your sale, help you reach your goals and match the right buyer to your business, whilst ensuring a smooth exit.

We understand many stakeholders are involved in a sale; from your family, partners, employees and of course, your clients. Most owners have spent considerable time and effort to establish and grow their business, in most cases, over many years. This alone should motivate any business owner to ensure they use a licensed and experienced broker.

Selling can be stressful for a variety of reasons, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By working with a licensed broker who can guide and advise through the process, stress can be minimised and costly pitfalls avoided.


DPS brokers have associations with a number of professional firms that can assist practices in a number of areas. We encourage the use of industry based professionals and are happy to recommend professionals that can help. These include:

  • Tax Lawyers
  • Commercial Lawyers
  • Business Coaches
  • Bankers
  • Commercial Loan Brokers
  • Financial Planners

Why Choose Dental Prac Sales

Your practice is likely to be your hardest earned asset, which has become not only a place of business, but a second home and many of your staff, like a second family. So when engaging advice on the best way to execute a succession plan, you want to select a party that will work together with you through the whole process, from first meeting through to settlement. While you want to achieve the best financial result, you also want to make certain that your clients and staff are provided with the best opportunity to be looked after in the future and that your business legacy continues.

By engaging Dental Prac Sales, you have peace of mind that you are dealing with experienced, industry specific professionals. Our focus on the Dental industry ensures we have the broadest possible base of contacts, whilst ensuring we keep the transaction as stress free as possible.

As we deal with hundreds of Dentists every year, we know which parties you can trust and the right terms and price you should consider. We can ensure the best outcome for you, your staff and your clients.