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Selling Process

Do you know the steps involved in selling your Dental Practice? Are you searching for assistance with valuations, negotiations or finding the right buyer?
Our brokers take a structured approach in selling your business now… or can help plan for the future.

Preparing for Sale.

Typically a discussion around timing and process is essential. For many dentists the actual physical exit from the business can take many months and sometimes years from the sale date. Early preparation and discussion can ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

Our brokers follow a process to evaluate your business and assist you in preparing your business for sale. This includes information collection, presentation, negotiation, right through to settlement.

The use of our brokers enables a smooth sales process, whilst you are able to continue to run your business during the process.

Effective, professional marketing

Our extensive database of buyers and confidential marketing process maximises the price and terms, whilst limiting the outflow of information including business identity. A structured, confidential approach is proven to achieve a better price outcome, smoother transition of business and more efficient results. We prepare high quality documentation, that allows for both parties to assess suitable offers and ensures the right terms are in place to protect your interests.

Screening potential buyers

Your confidentiality is so important, it’s a major part of why we don’t advertise our sellers on our website. Qualifying buyers is not simply important to save time, an over-exposed business can be detrimental to the sale price.

All our potential buyers sign confidentiality agreements and our brokers work with buyers to determine:

  • Their financial capacity to complete the transaction
  • Their background,
  • Their experience and qualifications.

We do our very best to ensure that their motivation to buy, works alongside your exit plan.

Structuring a great deal

While ensuring we achieve a great price is part of the work, most important is structuring the deal with the right terms and right buyer. Practice owners and buyers often get into trouble when structuring the deal. Our brokers help mitigate confusion from both sides, as we have the skills and experience necessary to ensure small issues do not escalate into large-scale disasters, which can cost both parties significant time and money.


Doing all the work yourself can save you some money, but can also cost you if the price, terms or buyer are not right. Some unlicensed “consultants” may offer to introduce you to buyers for “free”. It is important to understand that such consultants don’t hold a license or carry Professional Indemnity insurance and are working in the interests of the buyer. Your options and eventual sales outcome could be compromised if you consider such engagements.

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